Thursday, March 06, 2008

Irish Adventurers Visit Sedia

Jim Quirke, Kimmo Pentalla, Ambruse Blaine, John O'Kelly and Philip McBride - just doing it!

When 5 large BMW motorbikes pull up at sundown, it creates a stir of excitement. When it turns out to be 4 Irishmen and and honourary Irishman from Finland, you know the ambiance will bubble with good-natured stories and laughter.

Apart from seeing Africa, these men are on a mission. The following is from the website AroundAfrika - "AROUND AFRICA website about charity Bike trip from Dubai across Middle East and Africa is now online. You will be able to follow up how far our Team of 4 Dubai based biker's is progressing from stage to stage."

The team flew home from Maun. They will be back in October to complete the last stage of the journey. Visit their site and find out about FSCE - Forum On Street Children - Ethiopia.

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