Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sedia Hotel Flood Research

Camp in the best of comfort, close to what may well be the greatest flood of your lifetime. Book an accommodated tent and do your own research on what could be the 'mother of all floods.'

Sedia Riverside Hotel is also an internet hotspot - bring your laptop and keep up to date with the latest research information. Walk the banks of the mighty Thamalakane River while you still can - marvel at the majesty of a vibrant river in full flow. Get close to the action - these are the good old days!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sedia Riverside Hotel Inquires:

African Jacana - Mating at Sedia

(Photo: Dr. Ernst Reitan)

Timing is everything - a time to mate and a time to be born and timing a great photo. Here we have 2 African Jacana mating just upstream from Sedia Riverside Hotel. Notice the 2 eggs resting on their floating nest. They lay up to 4 during the mating season - "They construct relatively flimsy nests on floating vegetation, and lay eggs with dark irregular lines on their shells, providing camouflage amongst water weeds[1]."

Sedia now has a 9 metre boat for sundown cruises - a chance for you to see the bird life along the shores of the mighty Thamalakane River and look for animals by the Maun Game Reserve. What a wonderful way to end the day.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Global Travellers - Sedia Riverside Hotel

Sedia Riverside Hotel attracts guests from all over the world. Here we have Jean- Christophe Devillers and Allan Bimson having a look at a classic Citroen. The map they are looking at shows a trip from Paris to Peking and returning via Moscow. Hopefully the driver will include his Botswana trip on the map after he returns home.