Monday, October 16, 2006

'Stormy Weather', Sedia Style

The Calm Before The Storm

October is upon us and the rainy season is quickly approaching. The photo is shot from just beside the pool and Terrace Bar. We were fortunate to have 20mm of rain at the end of September. Anytime now the serious rain storms can start. If the storm is serious enough, power can be interrupted, but fear not - candles are always in good supply.

In a country where the currency is called Pula, which means rain, you have to enjoy the rain showers when they arrive. After all, we are situated on the edges of the Kalahari Desert. The good news is Thamalakane River is still at it's peak and many of us are hoping the rains will help keep the water levels high. There is more water in the river in October than there has been for 10 or 20 years.


Angelo de los Angeles said...

That's interesting how the local currency is named after the precious rain....

Delta Dave said...

We get almost 450mm per year. Last year we had over 800mm. Come on rainy season!