Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wildlife Extremes Sedia Style

Many of our guests go on safari during part of there stay. The majority want to see and shoot photos of the 'Big 5.' They are in search of Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhino. In particular people seem to want to see the big cats. What about the 'Small 5?'

For people who like the contrarian view, humour or just something different - think about the Small 5 the next time you are on safari. Check with your guides, reference books and fellow guests. Make sure these Small 5 are not missed:
  1. The Ant Lion is an insect wit four wings and looks like a dragon fly. They create funnel shaped traps to catch their ant prey.

  2. The Leopard Tourtoise is the biggest land tortoise in Southern Africa at ever 20kg. We can see the shell pattern in the photo.

  3. The Buffalo Weaver nests high in trees where the branch forks and makes it nest from twigs and course grasses.

  4. The Rock Elephant Shrew can weigh in at over 50 grams and up to 250mm in length.

  5. The Rhino Beetle has a horn in it's head, much like the Rhinoceros.

You will probably have to get closer to the Small 5 to get good pictures. Regardless, it provides good diverion during tea breaks, meals or around the campfire at night. If you get a good photo, I would be happy to show it here.

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Angelo said...

Sounds like an interesting adventure, hope to be able to experience it one day :) Cheers!