Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bird Lovers Paradise

Mid-June and the Quelas' are flying in their dynamic formations over the Thamalakane River - here they are in front of Sedia. Two years ago, when Lake Ngami finally refilled, the numbers were in the 10's of thousands. Now they are just in the thousands - but still a marvel to watch.

Sundown is an active time, with many flocks all returning at the same time from the day of foraging. The occasional flash of silver as they swoop and dive is eyecatching. With their special navigation skills, they all seen to find the right temporary rousting tree. The chatter escalates each time a new flock joins a tree. It seems that there is much to talk about after a day on the wing.

A late afternoon walk down to the river is often rewarded with a view of the 'high priest' of river fishing - the African Fish Eagle. What could be better than two in one tree. Few fishing trips are complete without a story of the Fish Eagle stealing a fish from a boat. With a good storyteller, you can almost see the extended talons ready to grab it's catch of the day.

Bird lovers have identified over 130 different birds in and around Sedia. They mark the seasons and for many make the trip. A checklist is available for the enthusist, to help keep track of their sightings and sounds

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